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Friday, November 16, 2012

What's new with the fam on the farm!

Well, it has been a while since I have had time to update!  Sorry!!!   Busy as always!   This little princess, smiling her best smile, is my THREE year old baby Daley!  Yes, she turned THREE in October!  This is quite a milestone for her, since she was not supposed to live to be 1!  She is doing well, but continues to struggle with a chronic infection in her left ear, which has recently been diagnosed as a mastoid infection.  She is scheduled for surgery December 3, so we would appreciate your prayers!  She is a very, very special one, as those of you who have met her already know!
Mr. Rory had a cool event this past month.  After 6 years of no contact, his birth-grandmother called, and asked if she could come meet him!!!  She had not seen him since the day he was born!  Rory was his usual self, he danced for her, sang her, and then told her this was the "greatest day of his life".  It was precious!  I hope they can form some sort of relationship.  I feel it is so important for my kids to know their first families.  It is a forever part of who they are, and saves them from a lot of drama when they are older.  Thank you Lord, that grandma Helen called and came to visit!  She is a beautiful lady!

Here we all are, at Grandma Ginger & Grandpa Jiggs 50th wedding anniversary party!  What an inspiration!  In a world where people trade spouses like cars, I am proud of the legacy both sets of grandparents have given to us!  Dale and I celebrate our 25th this Feb.  What a blessing!  I truthfully love him more now than I ever did when I married him!  He has aged quite well!  LOL

Speaking of Dale, here is is with my MengYan, and her special new friend Ru Tong, who was recently adopted by Marc and Sandra Abla!  You may remember me rejoicing over their decision to adopt Ru a few posts back.  Well, God moved mountains for the Abla's and they managed to get her home in record time!  She has been home a month, and is transitioning fantastically!  She is the sweetest little thing, and I thank God that He not only let me be a tiny part of her adoption, but he is allowing me to get to know and love her!  

And this is Charley!  Well, Bronwyn, who is my diva/farm daughter, decided that she wanted a baby pig for her 12th bday!  REALLY!  Of all things!  I was quite shocked, but since she is daddy's lil girl, they took off on a road trip and brought home Charley!  No.....I am not allowing him to be a house-pet.  He is shacking up with the chickens, and that is just fine with me!

Other news:  
Brittany, Brianna, and Brian are thriving!  We are loving these sweethearts, and thank God for the opportunity to be their parents!  They have brought even more joy, love and crazy fun to our home!  We should be finalizing their adoptions in December!
I know what you are wondering......are the girls and I still running, right?!?!
Well, we ARE!  We are up to 3.5 miles every other day, with NO walktime.  Tomorrow is our first official 5K race, and we are READY!  Now, we don't run fast, but we WILL finish!  And the crazy thing is, I REALLY enjoy running!  It is the best stress-reliever I have EVER found!  My knees no longer hurt, my muscles no longer ache, and I am slowly losing some weight.  Hoping the winter weather allows us to continue to run all year long!
God bless you all!   
Keep Jesus near to you in everything you do!