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Sunday, April 17, 2011

God hears my Prayer, Make-A-Wish! :)

Hello friends! Well, I first want to apologize for my last post. Think this momma was having a pity party! Things are better. Daley was put on a new seizure med, which has been a very good thing. She was having 10-12 small seizures daily, and now she has maybe 1 or 2 a week! We were told that she will probably have an occasional "mother of all seizures", as we call it, but I think it will be easier since we have been through it once. Many of you know that she had been on this spiral of not eating over the past few months. After this last big medical crisis, her lack of appetite grew even worse. At 12 months of age, she had reached 20#. Last month she was down to 16#! And in a chronic state of dehydration. So, on March 25, she was hospitalized again, but this time for a gtube placement. As crazy as this sounds, she now receives all of her liquid feedings through a tube that goes directly into her stomach. She is up to 19.2#, her color is better, she is less fussy, and her hair looks so shiny and thick! It has made a huge difference! It has been kinda weird to get used to, but I will do whatever it takes to help this little sweetie pie, who has won my heart!

What do you think of the photo above?!?! Yep, Miss Emily MengYan went on her Make-A-Wish trip last week, and it was AMAZING! The most fun, awesome vacation we have EVER had! We were picked up in a limo, flown to Orlando, stayed in an amazing place called "Give Kids the World Village", and literally spoiled rotten! We went to all the theme parks (Universal was the BEST!), ate lots of food and ice cream, and met every princess and superhero you can think of! God has truly blessed us! There is no way we could have ever afforded to give Meng a trip like this. When you all are considering charities to give to, please consider Make-A-Wish. They are fabulous!

Other news? Rory turned FIVE today! Dale is accepting a job with the Neurosurgery Dept at SIU School of Medicine. This job will be working DAYS! Hallelujah! Patrick leaves for Nicaragua on June 2! Bronwyn, Daley and I are flying to Germany to spend a few days with Brogan in mid-June! All of the ewes have given birth, and we now have 16 lambs! Cows are due soon! And lastly, I LOVE my family and I LOVE my Lord!
Peace my lovies!