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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Hello friends!   It's SUMMER!  I love catching a break from homework, school, sports, and early bedtimes!  Unlike a lot of moms, I LOVE having my kiddos home with me!   I just wish summer could be longer!

Bronwyn graduated this past May!   So proud of her, she graduated with honors, and 2 years early!  She is spending her summer working at Cracker Barrel, and is going to RCC this fall.  She wants to be a pharmacist.  She is highly motivated and is very studious, I am sure she can do it!  She is meeting her birthmother for the first time in just a few weeks!  EEK~  No worries, it will be good!  <3 p="">
Keagan, Britt and Brianna will all be seniors this fall!   Wow, that will be an expensive year!  LOL  Keagan is detailing this summer, Britt is looking for a job, and Brianna is waitressing at SteakNShake.  But mostly they are just chillin!  And the girls are working on getting their drivers licenses.

Toby, Meng, Miles, and Rory are at Camp Coco this week!  They are all having a great summer, and are glad to have a break from school!  Toby will be a freshman, Miles 8th, and Meng and Rory 6th.  Meng and Miles are doing fairly well health-wise.  Miles had a bad break to his arm this spring, which required surgery, but he handled it SO well!  He is very brave and endures a lot.

Daley has become princess GIGGLES!  She is happy ALL of the time, even when she has reasons to be grumpy!  We have prayed for her healing for so long, but her happiness and joy is just as important to us as her healing!  Thank you Lord, for giving her such holy joy!

Wen and Wu.....well they are as affectionate, sweet, and silly as ever!  They still aren't growing much, but they will be starting Kindergarten in the fall.  Im not sure Im ready for them to be gone every day, all day!  I may have to spend some volunteer hours in their classroom!!!

Ok, and now important news.....Miles was granted a Make-a-Wish, so this past month we (yes, all 13 of us) went to DISNEY!!!   We had such an amazing time.....we did Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Sea World, Lego Land, Universal, and Hollywood.  We were completely exhausted by the end of the week, but it was such an amazing blessing!  Miles had a blast, and somehow....this boy who cannot tolerate long car rides without puking.....managed to ride almost every single roller coaster with no problem!  :)

Other news???   Well. we are praying about moving forward with adopting my Teddy boy.  I can't get him off of my mind.  I love that little guy, and he sits waiting for a family, waiting for some medical care that he can only get here in the US.  Waiting to be loved and wanted.  And here we sit, knowing that even though it would be crazy....we can totally give him what he needs.  So, we are inching forward.  Please pray for us.  And I will keep you posted!   :)

Ok, and here are some photos of my sweet kiddos!  I hope these smiling faces bless you as much as they do me!
God bless!!!