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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Momma Bear VS Six Flags

See this joyful, happy little man(4th from the left) on the ride at Six Flags?!?! Well, this is the way it is supposed to be! Kids....having fun at Six Flags. But it wasn't this way all day for us. Rory is my 6 year old treasure, and he was born with Radial-Ulnar Clubhand. It doesn't stop him....he does anything he sets his mind to. We cannot even get him into occupational therapy at this point, because he does not have enough of a delay in his motor skills.

 Well, we went to Six Flags last month, all 12 of us. We rode rides all morning. And then we took Meng and Rory to the kiddie rides. It was there, that we were told Rory could not ride anymore. Rather rudely, I might add. It seems that Six Flags has a new policy that went into effect this year. All riders, on any ride, must have at least one complete hand/arm, and one complete leg/foot. So, Rory was unable to ride for the rest of the day. We spoke to management, and they would not budge. It did not matter what Rory was capable of, it only mattered what they saw. And that, my friends, is wrong. In fact, it is discrimination, based on Section 3 of the American Disabilities Act. This is the first time we have ever been hit in the face with discrimination at this level. It was an awful feeling.

 So, what do we do? Well, there is one thing you should not do, and that is to mess with my kids. It is kinda like poking a momma bear with a stick. I get angry and I get mean! LOL So, we drove to Chicago last week, to meet with one of the top disability attorneys in the state. He said we have an awesome case, based on 1)No accommodations were made for Rory, he was just told no 2)The policy is over-inclusive to Rory, and under-inclusive to those who have full limbs, but lack function in them, and 3) The policy is in affect for ALL rides, the Screaming Eagle, right down to the Merry-Go-Round, despite the differing risks/dangers. We have not hired the attorney at this point. We sent certified letters to Six Flags Gurnee and Six Flags Corporate, in NY last week. We are also trying to get the media involved, but not having much luck. Our plan is to give Six Flags 30 days to respond, and then move forward, if necessary. We are asking for simply an apology, and a change in policy. We have also filed a complaint with the ADA. So, now we wait!

 Other than this unfortunate incident, we are having a great summer! We have an exchange student here from Japan, named Ippei! We have taken him to the Gateway Arch (got stuck at the top for 2 hours!!!), and last weekend we spent the day at the Illinois State Fair! Everyone's health is good, and all are thriving! What more can I ask for??! Our friends will be traveling soon, to bring Ru home from China, which thrills my soul! And my sweet little grandson, Landon, is just the most absolutely adorable, precious little peanut ever born into this world!!! LOL God bless you all!