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Friday, August 21, 2015

Lots of catching up!

Hello!   I am finally back!   Such crazy busy-ness.....probably the busiest summer we have ever had!  But also a great one.
I am not even sure where to here are some highlights.

Meng and I, as well as some friends from church went to CHINA!  We went back to Meng's orphanage and spent almost a week loving on some beautiful, amazing orphans at Shepherd's Field Children's Village.  It was a magical week, and we hope to go back next summer.  I spent a LOT of time with my sponsor boy, Teddy.  And met a lot of new kids and some I met when we brought Meng home.  Meng spent a lot of time with Maggie, who was one of her bff's years ago.  Thanks to everyone who donated diapers, formula, and supplies.  They are appreciated!

Brogan spend some time here, and we spent some time with her!   Landon is getting so big and he is so smart!  Zachary just graduated from the police academy, and Brogan just graduated from TSA academy, so they are both busy working, parenting, and getting to know Minneapolis.  Still do wish they were closer, but it is closer than NC!

We took the ENTIRE family to New Mexico!  We went with some great friends to a Navajo reservation and we worked out little tails OFF~!  It was a great week, with the exception of the AC going out in our van.  Yeah, that wasn't so great for 110 degree weather.  But we survived and we had a great time.  The Navajo people are such appreciative, grateful, yet proud people.  They blessed us.
Everyone thought we were crazy for taking Daley and the twins, but they were all excellent, with no medical issues.  God is good!

On the way home from NM, we got a call asking us to please host a Chinese orphan for a month.  We weren't exactly prepared, but we said yes anyway, and on the way home, we picked up Simon!  Simon was 10 years old, had some mild CP, and a big attitude!   You know I love kids.....but this little guy challenged me to the very core!  I was very bummed, because his behavior was so difficult, I did not think he would find a family to adopt him.  But God had other plans, and there is an amazing family who are pursuing his adoption!  We pray that the love and stability of a great Christian family is all this guy needs to be obedient and polite.  He has a great heart.....we are excited to see him again when he comes home with his family!

And then our Japanese student, Yura arrived!  We have hosted Japanese students 7 times, and Yura is by far our favorite!  What a sweet, helpful, talented girl!  We miss her already!  Come back next summer, Yura!

Wen had his 4th and hopefully final bladder surgery!  We had to deal with Stevie the Catheter again for a few weeks (dread.....yes he really did name it), but it is down, over, and things are looking good!

We ended our summer  by touring the Arch in St Louis, and going to the State Fair.  All in all, this summer wore me out!  Or maybe that was the twins that wore me out......could have been either!  LOL

And now school has started.  Are you ready for this news????   For the first time in 16 years, I am not homeschooling.  Yep, that is right, I enrolled Brittany, Keagan, Brianna, Bronwyn, Tobin, Rory and Meng in DCS this year!  And to get even crazier.....Wen and Wu are going to an ESL preschool each morning, where they are learning English, getting OT, PT, and speech services!  So, I am trying to catch up my filthy house, catch up some paperwork, advocate for orphans (always) and love on my Daley while the kids are at school.  So far, so good, but then again, this is only day 2!!!!

One last may remember my post and my issues regarding Six Flags, well, this week at an information hearing they asked for it to become a settlement hearing!  I am not allowed to reveal much, but I will say that the changes they are making are a huge blessing for everyone who has a limb difference or disability!  Can you believe it....WE WON!!!!  We took on the Six Flags giant, and WE WON!!!!   Praise God for his goodness and for his guidance!!!    HE IS GOOD!

More soon, but in the meantime, enjoy these photos!