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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lots of good news!

Hello friends!   A dear gentleman from church reminded me this week, that I have not been very faithful in posting family updates!  So....I'm gonna try to do better!  Especially with it being summer....I do have a little more free time.

We are having a great summer!  First of all....I am getting SLEEP!   Yes, Daley is sleeping SO much better these past few months.  She is sleeping most nights until 6am, which is amazing considering she is usually up every 2-3 hours.  She has been happier, healthier, and we are gradually getting her seizures under control.  And that upcoming horrible, nasty hip surgery that I have been dreading putting her through....well, I cancelled it.  Not sure if it was the absolute right decision, but I feel like a 100# lifted off of me the minute I officially cancelled it.  WooHoo!

Brian has also been doing great!  Better behavior, less arguing and paranoia.   I think the thing that has helped Brian the most, was allowing God to work on my heart and mind.  I have to understand that Brian is different, and he will never behave or act like my other children.  He is who God made him.  I may never understand his actions, his noises, or his antics, but God does.

Dale, Patrick, Danyne (Pat's GF), Keagan, and Bronwyn are leaving on Thursday for NICARAGUA! I am so excited for them, a little nervous for them, and YES, a tad bit jealous of them!  Praying they can be the hands and feet of Jesus, and all of them will GROW in their relationship with Christ!

Britt and Brianna are doing well!  Enjoying their summer off.  They are both amazing girls.  Just recently I was sent their entire adoption "file", and I was pretty horrified over some of the things I read. God has surely had His hand upon them.  With everything they have been through in their short lives, they should be angry and bitter, but they are joyful and full of love and compassion.  I never though they could adapt to our family so quickly.  :)

Rory, Meng, and Toby just got back from Camp COCO, which is an oncology/hematology camp in Bloomington.  They had a blast!  I am grateful to all of the docs and nurses who volunteer their time to let kids fighting illnesses to still be able to enjoy the fun times of summer camp!

My sweet Dale is working hard on getting Tzedakah Christian Health Center open!  It will be the first FREE medical clinic in Macon County.  If all goes well, it should be open next month.  I am quite proud of him, for following through with a dream God put on his heart.  He's my sweetie, and I love him more each day!  <3 p="">
Me...well, I am still running, although it is much harder in this heat!  I am a winter person, but I am trying to find time to run in the early morning, or at dusk.  I am participating for the first time in the St. Jude Children's Hospital run on Aug. 3.  Our relay team of 10 will be running from the Walmart in Forsyth, to the Convention Ctr in Peoria.  We have to take country roads when possible, so it is a total of 96 miles. This will be a true test of my running commitment! LOL I am trying to prepare for it, so prayers appreciated!

Think that's all of the big news for now!  I do have 2 special kids I would like to ask you to pray for.  One is a baby girl, whose momma is not sure she wants to be a momma.  She is not willing or ready to accept the responsibilities of being a momma, and baby B is suffering because of it.  Please pray that this momma would step up, or allow baby B to be adopted by a family who is ready, willing, and able (no, not us!). Second is a young man named TJ.  He is unchurched, but recently accepted Christ at a Christian camp.  Pray that he will find other Christians in his neighborhood, his school, and family who will help him GROW.  He has such potential, but needs guidance and accountability.
Thanks sweet friends!  God bless you and your family!