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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Hardest Thing I Have Ever Done (YET)

Well.  I used to say that Daley was the hardest thing that I have ever done.  Then, I found out I was wrong, it was actually Brian.  Well, actually, I have discovered that both of them are not so bad, compared to my newest challenge.  About 3 weeks ago, I decided that it is now or never.  I am 40-something years old, and I have never been this out of shape, or this over-weight in my life.  Add that to the idea that I have been completely in awe over "Team Hoyt", the dad who takes his disabled son with him to compete in marathons, and Iron Man competitions.  So.....3 weeks ago, I began the "Couch Potato to 5K" program.  Wow.    It. Is. So. Hard.  
But, I have made it to the 3rd week, which is quite an accomplishment for me.  I borrowed a jogging stroller, so Daley can come with me.  She squeals and giggles the whole time, and fusses when I slow down.  Brittany, one of my newest daughters has been running with me.  She has these LONG legs, and has a very athletic build.  Let's just say that she humors me, by pretending to be tired and out of breath so I don't feel so pathetic.  A few days ago, though, she brought a tear to my eye.  And it wasn't from pain, either!  I was struggling, and ready to quit.  She began quoting Phil. 4:13 right at me!
"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength"!!!!!
She caught me so off guard!  This young lady, who 6 months ago was living in condemned trailer on the wrong side of E St. Louis, is now encouraging ME in God's Word!  I am in awe of you Lord!  
And......I will keep running.  

Saturday, September 1, 2012

We miss you, Ippei!

Ippei learning to be a "farm-hand".  He didn't like stacking hay very much!  Neither do we!

Keagan and Ippei in the hay loft

One last photo together
(everyone except Patrick and Brian)

Ippei's last day in the US

Well, Ippei Tanaka has gone back to Japan. He is a really neat kid. It takes a very patient, tolerant, and crazy person to move into this household for a month, and thrive! The kids all learned a lot from Ippei, and miss him a lot. It was really neat to see how they all bonded to him, but I think MengYan the most. They spent a lot of time together, making origami crafts, and playing card games. Ippei did not speak much English, but the kids found ways to communicate with him anyway. We hope and pray, that even though we did not get the opportunity to share Christ with him directly, that he took a little bit of Christ back with him, to Japan. He seemed to enjoy church, and especially VBS. His mother called to let us know he arrived home safely, and she said he wants to come back next summer! He is more than welcome! It was a really awesome experience! 4H is always looking for host families, for both their school year exchange program, and their summer 4 week program. Interested?!?! Send me a message, or comment, and I will share some information! God Bless!