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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Summer is ALMOST here!

Hello friends!
   Well, we have TWO days of school left!  This has been a rough week....I think the kids think that summer vacation has already started!  LOL  We are leaving on Friday to head to Hilton Head Island, our favorite vacation spot in the entire world!  We are meeting my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson there, as well as Meng's bff from China!  It should be a GREAT week!

    Our paperwork for Wen and Wu is moving right along.  We got our USCIS (Immigration) paperwork ahead of schedule, and just today went the last dossier document to our agency.  All of this will be put together, and sent to China on Friday!  And then we wait for China to sent us the "Letter Seeking Confirmation".  I am thinking we should be heading to China by September!

    Brian is doing better.  We had a very rough few weeks.  Brian had an aggressive rage about 3 weeks ago, and spent quite a bit of time in a mental hospital.  There were some very tense moments, when we questioned our parenting abilities, and the safety of our family, during his rages.  But, he is home....and doing much better.  We have been praying that God would heal him completely, or use medication to bring healing to his mind, which is ravaged by mental illness.  I am hopeful that God has answered our prayers, and that we are through this dark time.  He is a good boy....he is just confused, abused, and paranoid.  He cannot just understand that we love him, and just want to help him!  But, with God's help, I know this can work!

    Timmy is back with us.  Patrick graduates from MTI on June 14th!  Danyne just graduated from ONU, and is heading to AZ, where she will be working on a Navajo reservation.  Keagan, Britt, Brianna, and Bron are VERY happy to be almost done with school!  We are considering a change for them next year, by placing them in a private Christian school.  They are both excited and nervous about this idea.  No decisions yet, still praying about it!

     Toby, Rory, and Meng are LOVING our new trampoline~  What a great way to get some exercise!  And Daley is growing like a weed, and absolutely LOVING her gravy and mashed potatoes!

   And Dale's big news is his new job!  He just accepted a position with DMH's neurosurgery department.  He will be making more $, less call time, closer to home, and hopefully a little less stress.  He begins on July 7.  I am excited for him!  He will literally be 6 minutes from home!

   Well, I think that is all the updates for now.    Oh, except that I forgot that my baby sister has caught the adoption bug!  She and her hub, Erech, are hosting a Chinese orphan, "Roy" for a month over the summer.  And they are already asking about the adoption process!   God is good!

Blessings to you all!
Enjoy these new pics!