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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!!!

Merry Christmas 
from the
McKinney Family!
We pray that Jesus Christ has blessed you this year, and that you continue to serve Him in all you do.  Being a Christ-follower is truly the Great Adventure!  Never forget to thank Him for His mercy, His blessings, and His guidance!
 We have had a year of GREAT blessing and GREAT change!  Here are some highlights:

Dale continunes to work for SIU Springfield Neurosurgery. He is working his tail off, but is loving doing brain and spine surgery!  He recently began facilitating the opening of Tzedakah Christian Health Center, Macon County's first FREE medical clinic!  Hoping to open in February!
Ann has put a lot of her energy into advocating for adoption and even facilitating several adoptions.   Daley's therapies, homeschooling, and the farm keep her way too busy!   She also began a running program, and ran in her first 5K race this fall!  What a great stress-reliever!
Brogan & Zachary  are PARENTS!  Landon Nelson New was born on Brogan's birthday, March 19, and has blessed ALL of us with his beautiful smile, and crazy antics!  He is such a treasure!  And B & Z are fantastic parents!  Zachary recently accepted a job in Cherry Point, NC, as a civilian police officer for a Marine Base.  Too far, but we're very proud of him!
Patrick is a sophomore at Olivet Nazarene University and he is loving it!  His major is Intercultural Studies.    He has a fantastic girlfriend, Danyne, and we have enjoyed getting to know her!  
Keagan is in 7th grade, and continues to be obsessed with football!  Actually, with all sports!  He has GROWN so much this year, and is not my “little Keagan” anymore!  
Bronwyn is in 8th grade, and spends a lot of playing and learning music.  She has gotten very good on her keyboard, and is taking guitar lessons.  She is also involved in gymnastics.
Toby is in 4th grade.  He has two passions lately, building/fixing things, and learning about constellations and the stars! God has blessed him with a very healthy year!
Rory is in First grade this year.  He is doing SO well!  He loves his cats and his dogs, and spends lot of time playing with them!  He has also become quite a gymnast!
MengYan  is also in First Grade.  Her health continues to improve, and she has been such a blessing to our family.  Recently some friends adopted a daughter from China, who has the same blood disorder, and Meng has been SO helpful and caring towards her!  She has a very compassionate heart.
Daley  just turned 3 years old!  Daley is by far the most spoiled child ever!  She has made some huge gains in her therapies, her sight, but mostly in her interactions.  She has just blossomed, in part, due to the love that all the kids show her every day!
BIG NEWS:   There are 3 more of us!   December 21, we will be going to court, to officially adopt             
                     BRITTANY, BRIANNA, and BRIAN! 
We met these kiddos last year, and fell in love.  Permanently adding them to our family is one of the very best decisions we have ever made.  They have blessed us, grown, us, tested us, and taught us.  And they have opened our eyes to the need to older child adoption.  What are people so afraid of?  We are proud as can be to be parents to these three!
 2013......We have lots planned!  A family mission trip to inner-city Indianapolis, another mission trip for some of us to Nicaragua, possibly building onto our very-crowded home, and making some road trips to NC!
Thank you for your friendship, your prayers, and your love throughout this year!
May God richly bless you and your family!
Dale & Ann, Brogan & Zachary & Landon, Patrick, Keagan, Bronwyn, Tobin, Rory, MengYan, Rory, Daley, Brittany, Brianna, and Brian!

Adoption Day!!!

December 21.  Many people feared this was the day the world would end!  For us, it was an amazing new beginning.  December 21 is the day we went to the Coles County courthouse, and became the official parents to Brittany, Brianna, and Brian!  Bringing these three into our home and life was one of the best decisions we have ever made.  We are honored that they want to forever be a part of our family!  They have grown us, taught us, and challenged us.  We are blessed!  Enjoy these photos of our special day!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Five Generations of LOVE!

This photo needs few words.  Five generations.  I see this photo, and I think of so many things.  First, I see my grandmother, Mary the Great.  What an amazing woman she is!  She taught me so much as a child.  She was a very strong Christian, very active in her church, very strong in her faith, very accomplished in everything she ever set out to do.  My own mother, Marcia.  I have such fond memories of her teaching, teaching teaching.  Teaching my siblings and I songs about Jesus, teaching us Bible stories, and teaching us to care for others.  She was/is one of the best Sunday School teachers out there!  She loves the kids in her class, and truly finds joy in helping them learn about Jesus.  My daughter, Brogan.  I am SO proud of her.  She is a spunky, beautiful, bold, and crazy young woman, and has proven to be an excellent mother.  She has seen much of the the world, having served in Haiti, and Ethiopia, before residing in Germany with Zachary.  She has so much future ahead of her, and I am EXCITED to see it!  And Landon.  What a beautiful little man.  So HAPPY.  He surely knows how much he is loved and treasured.  He gives me such joy, and brings tears to my eyes when he does the littlest things, like reaching for me, or trying to smack with with his toy phone!  :)
God has surely blessed my family.  Blessed us with LOVE.  Blessed us with the good sense to serve Him.  I pray that He continues to bless every generation of our family!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Some of Jim B's amazing photos!

Keagan getting ruffed up!  Don't worry, he was laughing, not crying!

Rory the tormentor!  And as he holds a Bible, of all things!  LOL

Miss Daley on a stroll through the farm!  Also pictured: Marshmallow the kitten, Pippa the dog, and Nutmeg, RosieMiri, and Joash the cows!

Keagan was supposed to bathe this chicken for the fair!  He did not appreciate this chore!  LOL

This is Meng's buddy, Steve.  He is one of the few people she chose to bond to, when first coming to the US.  He remains a dear friend to her.  We are secretly praying she will influence he and his wife to find their treasure in China!  And btw, this was taken at a friend's adoption fundraiser.  The Law family is working towards bringing Gabby home from China!  :)

Christmas is COMING!!!

Happy December!  We are all SO excited about Christmas!  The Season of Jesus' birth is our favorite!
We have so much to be thankful for!  I am not even sure where to begin!
Hmmm, here are the highlights of the last few weeks:
1)  Brittany, Daley and I completed our first 5K!  Brittany got 2nd place in her age group!  I am SO totally proud of that girl, and we had an absolute blast running.  Have another one coming on Dec. 31
2)Daley's surgery went AMAZING also!  The infection was smaller and more contained than they anticipated, ear drum is repaired, and she is smiling, giggling, and back to her happy self already!  No Picc line needed, only one day of pain, and she is happier than ever!  PRAISE GOD!
3)The Herald and Review ran a wonderful article on my family, which was featured on Thanksgiving Day!  I am so thrilled that this article may encourage people to consider adoption, especially the adoption of older children, or children with special needs.  Our buddy Jim did a terrific job, and we love him lots!  Here is the link, if you are interested:
4)Brogan, Landon and Zachary will all be home NEXT WEEK!  We are so excited to see them!  It is so amazing to be a grandmother.....there is just something so cool about your baby having a baby! is SO hard to have this sweet little man be almost 9 months old, and I have only got to see him twice!  Been praying so hard that they would choose to move closer to home, once Z was released from the Army, but he recently accepted a position in Cherry Point, NC.  18 hours away.  But, trying to hang onto the joy I will have when they arrive Tuesday morning!  :)  And my Patrick will be home for Christmas break beginning next Friday as well! My house will be full, and so will my heart!
5)  We have been blessed, blessed, and more blessed.  My crazy family stirs attention everywhere we go.  Usually lots of stares!  But lately, it has been good attention!  We have been learning the process of receiving, rather than giving, which is hard, but we are trying!  We have received enormous amounts of groceries (well, ok, about a weeks worth LOL), lots of help with our mission fundraiser, and help with our Christmas spending.  One evening, we were not anticipating eating out, but some circumstances ( a party) required us to eat at a restaurant, which was not our choice, by anymeans.  Afterwards, we were a little bummed, to have spent $50 eating a meal we did not really care for.  Not an hour later, my husband received a gift of $50 from a complete stranger, who had read about my family, and wanted to bless us.

God is just so good.  Never forget that.  He wants nothing more than a relationship with us, our praise, and our obedience.  

Enjoy some pics of my treasures!