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Monday, October 18, 2010

Are we REALLY against abortion?!?!

Ooooh, touchy subject. But I cannot help it! Let me back up and explain. Last week, my wonderful adoption atty called. Now, she usually only calls me to let me know about an upcoming court date, or when she needs help placing a special baby. This call was about a special baby. A Downs baby, that was being delivered on Thursday of last week. She had not one family interested. I spent a good part of the week advocating and networking for this little guy. Last I heard, there was one family semi-interested. Breaks my heart. Where are you Christians?!?! Now let's chat. Are we really anti-abortion?! Cause if we REALLY are, then we have to step up, and be a family for these babies who are unwanted by their mommas. And I don't mean just the healthy white babies. I am talking about the brown babies, the bi-racial babies, the latino babies, the babies whose momma's used drugs and alcohol. The babies who do not look perfect, or who have a disability of some sort. The babies who need xtra love and care, and YES, EVEN THE BABIES WHO WILL NEED TO BE PARENTED FOREVER.

Can you imagine being young, scared, pregnant and alone?!?! Can you imagine making that terribly difficult decision to place your child for adoption, only to find out that no one wants your child?? Wouldn't that make abortion just about your only option?! Is this really what we want?!

How much do you trust your Lord?! Do you trust him enough to step out and do something crazy, scary, and completely out of your comfort zone?! Is He asking you to consider parenting one of His special children? Has be placed a child on your heart?! Don't be scared. He will guide you! What you should be afraid of is saying No to Him. If you say NO to Him, He may decide not to ask anything of you again!

An amazing thing happened this week to me. God literally spoke to my heart through a Beanie Kid in my living room. You see, years ago, I started collecting Beanie Kids that resembled my children. I have one for Brogan, Patrick, Keagan, Bronwyn, and Tobin. I later got one for Rory and Meng. And then for some crazy reason I bought one with long blonde hair and blue eyes. MANY times I thought, why on earth do I have this doll?! I will never have a child that looks like this. And now I have Daley. My Daley has pure white hair and beautiful blue eyes. My Daley is severely disabled. Daley is my joy, but she is also my fear. I am AFRAID of her dying. I am AFRAID for her future. I am AFRAID of me not being able to give her all she needs. But when I looked at that silly little Beanie Kid, it hit me, that I bought that doll years ago, not realizing that she represented my Daley. And for some reason (God is Good!) I had placed in her hand, a little hand painted tile, that a young boy made for me years ago. And on it are these words PERFECT LOVE DRIVES OUT FEAR. I literally cried! God was waiting for me to get this message. A message that He sent me years before Daley was born! He knew! He prepared me, without me every knowing it. My love for her will drive away my fear! And just as He sent me this doll to reassure me, He will do the same for you! He will bless you beyond measure for stepping out in faith to help one of the "least of these".

My prayer is simple. I pray that we will wake up and realize that the treasure of a child is beyond all value. Despite the needs of the child. I pray that the next time Kirsten calls me with a special baby, that there will be families fighting over this child! Please, consider taking that step of faith. It is an amazing journey!

God bless!


  1. I have been thinking about that little baby boy ever since you told me about him, and I have been praying for him.

    Before we had our 3rd, I had considered adoption. One of my problems is, I know zilch about it, and another problem is, is there a lot of money involved? What about money for the medical costs involved with the care of a little one with special needs? I know about none of this.

    So I guess you've pinpointed my problem, too. Fear. And fear of the unknown. And I am praying about all of those issues. Pray with me and for us, will you?

  2. Wow!! That's powerful! I never thought of it this way, but it's so true! If we are against abortion we have to step up and give the babies a home (even the special needs babies), because they need a family! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to add a link to this on my blog, hope that's OK.

  3. Beautifully written, Ann. God is doing mighty things through you. I pray that someone is nudged, in God's perfect timing to love this precious child forever. Thank you for saying things that are unsaid. Thank you for daring us to be faithful in our actions.

    I am going to post this on my blog, as well. Wow.

  4. Great post, Ann! So true, so true! I look around our church and see so many who are vehemently against abortion, but don't seem to be part of the solution... makes me sad. I am so blessed that God got my attention and changed my heart and thinking!