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Sunday, October 3, 2010

What to do with Halloween?!?!?!

I love this time of year, Fall is my absolute favorite. But I hate the dreaded issue of what to do with Halloween. HATE IT. This is only October 3, and Bronwyn came home from youth group with an invitation to go to The Scream (local haunted house) with her youth leader!!! You have got to be kidding!
When Brogan and Patrick were little, we did trick-or-treat for the first few years. Then we felt this huge conviction to NOT celebrate this pagan holiday. We offered an alternative to Halloween, a party we called The Pumpkin Bash. We had this party every Oct 31 for 10 years, and averaged over 300 in attendance. And then we moved, to an area that was not fenced, and not very safe, as we are very close to a lot of forrest, and the Sangamon River.
So, we began attending our church's Trunk or Treat party. Well, all of a sudden, I feel like I have been duped into celebrating a pagan holiday again! I feel like little by little, we have given in, and are celebrating a holiday that glorifies death, witchcraft, blood, gore, and fear. OK, so no more. The kids are gonna hate this, but we will not celebrate halloween ever again, in any fashion. What do you all think??!! Do you think our Lord Jesus would approve of our kids participating in Halloween?! Everyone has to make their own decision. Pray about it. Seriously give it some thought. Going with the flow is easier, but is it right??!! hmmmmmmmm


  1. So true!! Growing up my parents never allowed us to celebrate Halloween and even though I may have not liked it then (they didn't really explain it very well), I appreciate it now. I don't think it's right to celebrate it as a christian and I don't ever want to. And I agree it is much easier to go with the flow, but God didn't call us to that!!

  2. We have felt the EXACT same thing. We actually talked this year about having a small get-together at our house. A "fall party" with hot dogs, smores, and good times. I'm not sure where we stand on this, but I'll ask Adam. I would love an alternative...something that says we are excited about the upcoming holiday season. Not necessarily celebrated on Halloween, but something we can do at the beginning of November.

  3. I know I am reading this late, but we don't celebrate halloween either (though we have at church in the past)...i just hate all of the things that can get planted in the young minds of my children. It is however my husband's birhtday, so we will continue to celebrate it every year...just not the goulish celebrations!