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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Some new photos of my sweeties!

Hello! Just a quick update to let you know we are all doing amazing! The kids have settled in SO well. Having 10 kids at home is not as hard as I thought it would be! LOL It gets a little easier each day. Having a busy summer so are some highlights: We had the awesome opportunity to go on Toby's MAKE-A-WISH trip to the Mall of America last month, and it was absolutely wonderful! Closer to home, we have been working on finishing some school, building a small deck off the back of the house, and working in the garden. We had two calves and 22 lambs born this spring, so it has been fun watching them grow and thrive! Our first grandchild, Landon, is doing well, and growing like crazy! He is the happiest, cutest little guy ever, but we don't see him often enough! They need to move closer! We are slowly chipping away at our new adoption expenses. We are right in the middle of a CUPCAKE fundraiser, and it is going very well! We have sold almost a 100 dozen at this point! Thanks to all of you who contributed! Will update more soon! It is harder and harder to find free time!!! :) God bless!

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