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Friday, October 18, 2013

Decisions, decision.........


     Well, our family is facing some major decisions right now, and all of the options are exciting!   First of all, is our adoption decision.  We never thought we could adopt again....or at least until the teens were over 18.  The state of IL is very particular about family size, and we are over their limit.  But recently a friend, who is a caseworker, called to ask if I was still advocating for a set of twins, who have arms and hands just like my Rory.  I had been told that they found a family, so I was no longer advocating for them.  The caseworker told me that they had NOT had a family, and then asked if we were interested in them!!!  I explained to her our family size limit issue, and she said that her agency would do everything in their power to get IL to approve us!  Not a guarantee by any means, but we have never had an agency willing to go head to head with IL for us!  So, here we go.  It is in God's hands.  He knows where these boys belong.  If it is with us, we are ready!

    In the midst of thinking about adding 2 to our family, we realized that our home is much too small. We already have Meng and Daley sleeping in the master bedroom with us, and no where to put two more!  So we began getting estimates to build onto our home.  We got several estimates, and they were so radically different, that it confused the heck out of us!  So, we decided to look at all of our options, and began looking at large homes for sale.  And then, we found it!  The perfect home for us!  It is HUGE, plenty of room for everyone, plus the new lil ones (if they are ours), and even guests!  The only catch is, it is is a residential area, which means giving up my farm and my farm critters, including the new horses we just got!   So, here we go again, putting our lives and our future into God's mighty hands.  I am sitting here right now, waiting for our realtor to come, so we can officially list our home on the market.  And if it sells, we will be moving!   Whew!  I am excited, but also a wee bit overwhelmed!

    I will keep this blog current, with our decisions and our progress.  Prayers appreciated!
Much love, and God bless!

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