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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Good News and prayers requested......

Adoption update:    The good news is that our dossier is finally off to China!  It seems like this has taken SO long, but it is finally out of our hands.  We are praying to travel on March 18 or 19, but we are not sure it can happen that fast.  That would be the beginning of our kid's spring break, so that is the perfect week.

Along with that good update, we have a prayer request.  This morning we got a couple of new photos of Miles.  He does not look good.  He is so jaundice, so puffy.  And the dark spots on his face and hands seem a little darker.  We are told this is probably a symptom of liver toxicity. We have got to get this boy home.  He just looks so sad and so sick.  It breaks my heart.

So, friends, PLEASE pray specifically for his health to be stabile, and for him to not be having any pain or discomfort.  And please pray that things would move along in record time, so we can GET HIM HOME!!!   Thank you!   God bless you!!!

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