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Monday, April 2, 2012

Loving my "NEW NORMAL"

What is normal, anyway?? Well, I guess it is what we are used to. We are finally all settling in, and getting used to have three xtra children in our family. It has not always been easy, there has been stress, arguments, and some serious cat fights. But, it seems that all of this is drawing us close, drawing us together as a family. Recently, we were at an amusement park of sorts, and the kids were go-karting. An older man, who was not very nice, began to scream at Keagan, and at the attendant, accusing Keagan of not driving his go-kart properly. It got ugly very quickly, and Keagan broke down, the tears flowing. It was horrible, and it was awesome. ALL of the kids ran to Keagan, encouraging him, hugging him, telling him they were sorry the incident happened to him. I think that was the first time I SAW us as a family. Caring for each other. It still brings tears to my eyes. I think God put that nasty, horribly grouchy man in our paths, to show us all that we care about each other, even more than we realized.
These kids are awesome. I am loving them more each day. Brian, as difficult as he can be, has won my heart with his sweet innocence, and his affection. Brittany is learning to be a kid, something she has not done much of. She is learning to have fun, and be crazy. Brianna is already crazy and fun-loving, but she is learning acceptance. My kids are learning what is means to share what God has blessed us with, and to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, if it is in service to our Lord. God is good. His plans are awesome. I am happy and content. :)

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