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Monday, March 26, 2012

Holy cow, I am a GRANDMA!!!!!!

Yep, it is true. I do not FEEL old enough to be a grandma, but I am! My oldest baby just had a baby! Brogan and Zachary are parents! LANDON NELSON NEW made his appearance into this world, on Brogan,s birthday, Monday, MArch 19, and I was privileged to be there! IT was such an amazing experience, one I will cherish forever! Let me back up to say, that YES, Dale and I really did load up 9 kids, and drive them all the NC, in hopes of being there for Landons' birth. God was good enough to make it happen!
We had a great time in NC. We stayed in an amazing house, got to visit with Niu Niu, Meng's BFF from China, played on the beach, road go-karts, and all got to know each other better!
The new "normal" for us is getting easier every day. Brian is such a love. He is thriving in his new school, and outside of still having issues with lying, he is doing amazing. He even began to call Dale "Dad". Brought a tear to my eye! The girls are doing better as well. We have had some pretty HUGE fights, and lots of angry hormones raging, but that too, seems to be getting a little better. It is just incredibly HARD to bring three kids into your family and make it all work. Especially when these kids have been raised COMPLETELY different than the kids you are already parenting! But, God's Hand is at work, and He is making it happen!
Other news!?!?! Patrick went to Michigan last weekend, to meet Daynene's parents. Sounds serious?!?!? I am getting nervous! She seems like an awesome young lady, I am just not ready to let my Patrick go quite yet! LOL We had 15 lambs born on the farm while we were gone! Poor niece Mandi got to birth them all! Wonder if she will ever housesit for me again?!?! LOL Kegan is getting braces this week! He wants purple ones....this should be interesting! LOL 8 more weeks of school. Cannot come quick enough! This momma needs a break!
Well, more updates soon!
This granny needs some rest!
Much love!

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