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Saturday, March 3, 2012

So far, so good!

Well, we begin week 4, of adding 3 children to our family. It is really going very well. Better than I expected. Brian has been a little difficult, but seems to get easier each day. I think he is learning our routines, and I am learning how to handle his unique-ness better. He is a sweet, sweet boy. He wants to please. I think he has had a lot of years of being picked on, and being treated unfairly. He starts his new school on Tuesday. I met his classmates and his teachers, and I am impressed! I think this will be a good move for him.
The girls are doing well also. They decided I was old and frumpy looking, so they decided to give me a make-over tonight! They did a good job! I just hope they do not Expect me to look this way Every day, because I do not have a spare hour in my day to do my hair and make-up! LOL
Truly, the only issue we are having, at this point, is the three girls getting along. Bronwyn is struggling with sharing so much....her house, her room, her clothes, her parents, her life. I totally understand. God put these kids on OUR hearts, but not necessarily on hers. Her reign as oldest daughter (at home) has been challenged, and she is not liking it. Please pray for her, and for the others. It is easy for Dale and I to say that God did not call us to be comfortable, but to is harder for us to ask this of our children, who just want life as they know it.
Will update more soon! At this point, we are all hoping to finalize adoptions by December!

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