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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mary the GREAT!

Well, last month, it happened.  I lost my granny.  I knew it was gonna happen.  She was 97 years old, had cancer for the 3rd (or maybe 4th?) time, and had a weak heart from several heart attacks.  She died peacefully, in her sleep, in her own home, with her sweet dog Rufus(her best friend) near her.

Mary the Great, AKA Ralph, AKA granny, was truly an awesome, inspiring woman.  She was probably one of the Godliest women I have ever known.  She lived what she believed, and devoted her life to serving Jesus Christ.  She wrote me a grandmothers book several years ago, which speaks over and over, of her dedication to Christ.  She left an amazing legacy.

I am so glad I got to spend summers with her, building birdhouses, and pressing flowers.  I am glad I got to spend my Monday evenings with her, sharing a meal and watching Full House (one of her favorites).  I am glad my kids got to know and love her, although I hope the littles will remember her as they grow.  And I hope someday I can be a Godly grandmother to Landon, and to all my grandchildren who will come after him.  I hope God will be as pleased with me, as I know he is with her, on the day I leave this earth.

She left me a small amount of money.  I struggled what to do with it, as I wanted her to be pleased with how it was spent.  After lots of prayer, this is what God put on my heart. We bought 10 fruits trees in her memory.  I spend many summers learning to can and preserve fruit with her.  We also bought 3 picnic tables, in honor of her love of "family time".  And finally, we bought 10 pairs of shoes, to be sent to orphans in South America, to honor her loving and giving spirit, that always chose to help and serve.

Bless you, Mary the Great!  Thank you for setting the standard for our family, and thank you for being the exact woman God created you to be!  See you soon!
This was taken the week before granny died.  She and Daley Faith had a very special bond!

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