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Thursday, May 23, 2013

My encouragement!

Well, there are times when I feel I am failing with my kids.  Sometimes I question why God chose me to parents all of these kids.  Times when I try to be Jesus to them, but I end up being human to them, and getting frustrated, angry, and losing my temper.  And then I end up mad and disappointed in myself.
Well, God chose to send me some HUGE encouragement today.  In the form of a writing assignment.  Each of my jr high-ers had to writer me a paragraph, on what they expected to be doing with their lives in 10 years.  I want to take a minute to share Brittany's paper with you.  And yes.....I did ask her permission before I printed it here!  LOL

"My Life in Ten Years" by Brittany Owens McKinney

Well, in 10 years, I hope to be in college, earning a degree in beauty, and readying myself to be a worship leader. I pray I have a car at that time, and a nice apartment and that I 'm where I need to be in my relationship with God.  Hopefully there will be no more major bumps in the road and I'll be able to open my own store by the time I am 26.  The store will be like Monica's, only a thousand times better.  It'll be big and have my art everywhere.  And a lot of the money I make will go to help change Haiti.  The store will be in the middle of the worst neighborhood so I can make an impact.  I'll give away clothes, food, school supplies, and anything else, because I know just how much I needed those things when I had nothing. When they come to get the free stuff, I'll use that as an opportunity to share Christ with them. And they don't have to just come to me, I could go to them and drop stuff off at their house.  Or maybe God will lay it on my heart to adopt a million kids, like some "people" I know.  Maybe I'll become a doctor and move to Africa to save lives.  Truth be told, only God knows where my life will go and I've just got to make sure I am ready for whatever God tells me to do.



  1. What a tremendous blessing, sweet Ann! <3 God is at work, and He has such big plans for Brittany (and all your littles, for that matter!). Thank you for sharing...sometimes the "ugly" in the world bogs us down...and HOPE is a fresh breath of air.