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Saturday, February 22, 2014

News from Illinois

Well, Illinois has reviewed our home study.  I talked at length with our caseworker this morning.  She says this is going to be a battle to get approval.  Mary D, the woman who holds all of the power to approve home studies in IL (yes, that is crazy) is SO anti-large family.  She simply cannot imagine why we would want to adopt again.  She made some rather rude comments about our family, and large families in general.

This is the deal.  We have China's approval to adopt their children.  We have an agency and a caseworker, who have given us their FULL support.  They have interviewed Dale and I and our children, have toured and inspected our home, have checked and rechecked our backgrounds, and have spent hours getting to know us.  They are in favor of our adoption.  We have met and/or exceeded all of the requirements Illinois has put before us.  We have glowing references, we are financially stable, and we have the space to house more children.  They truly have NO grounds to deny us approval.  But.....they don't understand large families.  They do not think parents could possibly have the time for as many children as we have.  Crazy thing is that I could give birth to 20 children, if I chose to (and God allowed it).  Even if half of those children were mentally disabled, no one could stop me from having more....even if I was broke, a lived in a 3 room shack.  Yet, when adopting - everything changes.  *tears*

This woman, Mary, has asked that we leave her alone for a week, so she can try to "wrap her head" around our request.  So, we will.  But, trust me, I am not sitting here waiting!  I am preparing letters, requesting additional references, putting together a family photo portfolio for her, and preparing for a FIGHT.  And mostly, I am praying!

Have you read your Bible lately?  God moves mountains, people!  He changes people's hearts, He changes their minds, He MOVES upon them, to see His perfect will happen!  My God does NOT want those boys to sit alone and unloved in that orphanage.  I KNOW He can change Mary's heart and her mind.  Would you PLEASE join me in praying for God's will!  And for my boys!  And for the hearts of my family....who are yearning and aching!  This is hard to explain to the littles.....who are SO excited to meet their little brothers!

Thank you, for your support.  I will post when I hear more!

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