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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Daley's Doodles and a new pic of the twins!

    We have a wonderful nurse that comes for a few hours a day, to help care for Daley, while we do the bulk of our schooling.  Miss Sandy is such a blessing.  She is grandmotherly enough to be perfect, and resourceful enough to be creative, in finding ways to encourage Daley to play, learn and grow.

    A few months ago, Daley got a new stander, and she is slowly learning to love it.  Miss Sandy finds all kinds of things for her to do in play with her bead chain, her Christmas lights, or more recently....doodle!  Yes, she actually puts the little maker in Daley's hand, and Daley makes beautiful little scribbles!  It is actually so precious!  You can always tell when she sneezes (long straight line), or when she gets bored (dark blob).    We are going to frame some of her doodles, and offer them at silent auctions for adoption fundraisers.  She has so many fans, especially at church.  Perhaps some of them may want of her special doodles!  And support a great cause!

    In other news, there is an organization that is helping in the twin's orphanage.  The orphanage was SO bad, but this group, called Half the Sky, went in and bought them mattresses~  And toys!  And blankets!  Sounds crazy, but they did not have these things before!  Anyway, I have been following their blogs about the orphanage SO closely, hoping for a glimpse of the boys, and this week, there they were!  I have shared their photo below.  They look GREAT!  And so big!  We are still nervously awaiting Illinois' decision on our adoption.  Our caseworker is pleaded our case tomorrow, and forwarding all of the additional documents we have prepared for our battle.  Praying for good news!!!

    Lots of birthdays this month!  Meng turns NINE on the 8th, Twins Wen and Wu will be THREE on the 12th, Toby turns TWELVE on the 13th - same day Grandpa Cecil turns 79!  And Brogan and Landon share a Bday, on the 19th!  Brogan will be 23 and Landon will be 2!  Love my TREASURES!

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