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Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Meng, Toby, and Grandpa Cecil!

March is the birthday month!
Happy Birthday to Meng who is now 9!
Happy Birthday to Toby, who is now 12!
And, happy birthday to my sweet father, Cecil, who is 79!
I love all three of these sweeties SO much!
But, we're not done.....
Happy Birthday to Wen and Wu who are now THREE!
And happy birthday (next week) to Brogan, my oldest daughter, who will be 23, and to my first and most amazing grandson, Landon, who will be 2!
We are tired from partying and we are broke!
But aren't birthdays wonderful?!
God bless!
                                                Grandma Marcia with Meng!

                                                     This is Grandpa Cecil with Toby!

The whole gang (minus Patrick) at Hometown Buffet!  
Full bellies = happy kids!

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