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Monday, March 10, 2014

My basketball Sweeties!

We have one more week of Upwards basketball!  I love it.  I will miss it!  I have 7 kids playing this year, on 4 different teams.  So, it has been a little crazy, but well worth it.  Upwards is a fantastic program, and Justin is a fantastic director.  This was the first year Meng was cleared medically to play, and she did great!  All of the kids did great!

Other news:  Still no word from Illinois.  This is week 5.  We sent off more medical information on Friday, so I am hoping to hear something soon!  My family has designated every Monday as Wen and Wu day.  Several of us are fasting for the entire 30 hours, from Sun night to Tues morning.  Others are setting alarms on the devices, to remind them to pray for W and W each hour!  And for the state's decision.  Will post when I hear anything...good or bad!

In the meantime, please help me pray for 2 little sweeties who have also won my heart.  Silas and Hezekiah, who are both little Chinese cherubs, who have limb differences.  They need a family of their own!  If you are thinking about adopting, if God is speaking to you about adoption, or even if you just are curious about it.....PRAY for God's will in your life.  Listen to His words, and Obey His call on your life!  Statistics show that if 7% of all families who call themselves Christians would adopt a child.....there would be no more ORPHANS!  WOW~   Come on people, let's set that goal!

Enjoy these photos of my BBall kids!  Love them!

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