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Thursday, March 6, 2014

No News!

Well, I have absolutely no news from Illinois regarding Wen and Wu's adoption.  We thought for sure we would have an answer of some kind this week, and we do not.  We do know that we have an amazing social worker and an amazing agency fighting for us.  We do know that they plan to fight all the way to the top if they need to.  And most of all, we know that God is in control.  It has taken me a while to get that through my head this week.

I thought we would hear on Monday, so I was a nervous wreck all day.  Nothing.  Then Tuesday came and went, with still no news.  Yesterday, I hit the breaking point.  Thought I had found the answer, a legal loophole that I thought would get us through Illinois' scrutiny.  I was wrong.  I misinterpreted the regulation.  And I was so upset.  I took Daley for a run, and as I ran, I cried like a baby.  I came home and took a shower, and cried some more.  I went to church, tried to put on a smile, but it kept slipping.  And then it was time to teach my class. 16 of the sweetest kids ever.  I threw out my prepared Bible lesson, and we talked about worrying.  Basically, about how stupid it was.  We put our worries into our hands, lifted them up to Jesus, and gave them all to Him.  And then we made a plan for how to NOT take them back!  I lifted up Wen and Wu.  One child lifted up an injury.  Another, her unborn sibling!  Another, her fear, that something would happen to her mommy.  And I have PEACE.
Really.  I do.

I still wish I could peak into the future, and see if I have 13 children, instead of 11.  I still anxiously wait for the call from our social worker, with the decision.  But, I am ok.  I am not stressing and freaking anymore.  God has filled me with peace, and I am holding on!  See how my heart is through kids.  I love them, and I love being a mom.  Greatest Job EVER!

God bless you, and grant you with His peace!!!

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