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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My quiet week!

Well, this is a very unusual week for me!  Brittany is serving with our church on a mission trip in Georgia.  Keagan, Bronwyn, and Brianna are at Camp One Way's Teen Retreat.  And Tobin, MengYan and Rory are at Camp CoCo, and hem/onc camp in Bloomington.  That means I have ONLY Daley Faith at home with me this week!   This house is SOOOO quiet!  It is kinda weird!  It was nice for the first day, now I miss them like crazy!  I am working on a list of household projects I am working on completing.  Doing good with it so far, but not sure I will complete my list by Friday!

Daley has been a lil stinker lately!  She is so darn cute.  She is not supposed to have enough brain to have personality, likes/dislikes, etc.  But she sure does!  Her big thing lately is holding a grudge.  She got FURIOUS with me over her bath a few days ago, and when I tried to comfort her afterwards (Yes, she HATES them), she literally took her little hands and pushed my face away from her!  So cute!  And yesterday I was trying to rub her head and kiss her cheek, but shame on me....I was interrupting her Sesame Street!  So, she did it again, literally pushed me away from her!  LOL  She is becoming just like the other kids, with a lil attitude!

We went to court on Monday, for our situation with Brian.  We completed all 5 hearings for his care in one appearance.  He is now a state ward, but we were able to maintain our parental rights.  We will be a part of his care, his future.  We will be able to visit him, call him, and retain our mom/dad relationship with him.  And....if he makes drastic improvements, we also have the option of trying to transition him back home.  He is currently in a place called Aunt Martha's in Chicago, while they try to find the best residential placement for him.  The only stinky news, is that we did not get our charges dropped at this point.  This hearing was only for Brian, not our criminal charges.  So, we have to go to court again on Aug. 5.  If they call our names and announce No Charge afterwards, we go home and it is all over.  If they give us a docket number, then we have to hire a lawyer.  I am confident we will be OK.  DCFS and the Asst State Atty have both asked the court to drop our charges.  And....God is in control.  As always.

Dale started his new job at DMH this week, and Patrick also started a new job, with MiCar.  Dale will be working with Dr. Krause and Dr. Dold in the Neurosurgical dept, and Patrick will be welding and pipefitting at ADM.  So good to have both my men working!

I am working hard this week to read through the entire New Testament.  Every time I read God's Word, I stumbled across something I don't ever remember reading before.  OR perhaps just something I really need to read at that particular time.  I am really convicted of LOVE this week.  Showing love, sharing love, experiencing love, and loving even when it is hard or I don't want to.


This is the amazing lil man my sister is hosting for the month!  His name is Shazou, and he is absolutely adorable!  I am so hoping they decide to make him a permanent family member!  Adoption rocks!
Dale's official name on the office door at DMH.  I am so proud of that sweet man!

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