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Monday, August 4, 2014

Children here in IL needing a family! And an update on my crazy family!

Hello friends!   So, have you felt that tug on your heart to adopt, but haven't quite felt like jumping on a plane and spending insane amounts of money to do so?  Well, here is your chance to be a family to some little boys who desperately need one!

Situation #1:    A 5 year old bi-racial boy, whose mother has passed away.  He has been living with an aunt, but she wants to find him an adoptive family.  He had some prenatal alcohol exposure, and has had several years of physical therapy and speech therapy, but his SW says he is 95% on target.  He will start kindergarten this month, and is happy and healthy.  Very reasonable fees and immediate placement possible.

Situation #2:   7 and 10 year old brothers, who need to stay together.    Both are happy and healthy, will be in 2nd and 4th grade.  Their birthmother suffers from some mental illness/anxiety and no longer wants to parent.  They are staying with a grandfather, but need immediate placement.  Again, reasonable fees.  These boys would qualify for a non-ward subsidy, which would give them a medical card and a monthly stipend to help with their expenses.

Please contact me if you are interested in either of these situations!!!

Ok, news on us.   We had an amazing visit with Bronwyn's birth brother, Brandon and his family.  Also had the opportunity to meet her Uncle Jerome.  They are awesome people, and we are blessed to have them as a part of our extended family!  Hoping to see them again this fall!

Exciting news about my sister and her family.....they have decided to pursue adopting Shazhou!!!!  I cannot tell you how much this news blesses me!  He is a wonderful little man, and he seems to fit right into their family.  He had to go back to China last week, but they are working hard on their paperwork, and hope to have him home permanently by spring.  Don't they look great together!
We have very good news about our situation with Brian.  First of all, our charges have been dropped. Praise God!  This news is like a million pounds being lifted off of us.  And more good news is that he was accepted into Hoyleton Ministries Residential Program, which is a great placement, and only about 2 hours from home.  Bad news is that his aggression continues to be a huge issue.  Please help us continue to pray for his mental health.
While we were in Chicago, we had the awesome opportunity to visit my "kinda of sort of son", Chris Bradham.  He has been a wonderful part of our lives for many years.  He recently had some reconstructive surgery on his leg/hip, and is in a rehab hospital in Chicago.  We had a very fun visit with him.  He is just as crazy as ever!
Other news.....we have Shunnichi here visiting us from  Japan.  He is our 6th Japanese student to stay with us, through the Labo/Lex program.  He is extremely polite and kind.  Hope we are not driving him crazy!  LOL
Other kids are well, getting ready for school to start.  My curriculum is bought and waiting.  Bought the teens supplies tonight and their official registration is Thursday.  They are excited/nervous about this new adventure called DECATUR CHRISTIAN SCHOOL.  They are gonna do great!

God bless you all!

Oops, I almost forgot!  I just completed the Decatur to Peoria St. Jude Run!  I didn't die!  It was actually a lot of fun, and so touching.  We stayed for the ceremony this year, and got to meet and greet lots of St Jude kiddos and their families.  It was awesome.  I am gonna run it again next year, and then my goal for the following year (my 50th bday) is to run on the Memphis to Peoria team!  

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