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Sunday, August 17, 2014

A little step closer to China

Well, we have our Provisional Approval to bring the boys home now!  This means we are literally less than 2 months from bringing them home.  We are waiting on a few last things to happen in the process, and then we will need to apply for both our visas and the boys' visas.  I cannot believe it is SO close!  I have little by little been gathering things they need.  I think all that is left is carseats.  And of course, some more toys!  Also waiting for a new video of them.  We sent them a photo book of our family, as well as a cake and some toys.  Any day now I should be getting the video of them, when they see our photos for the first time!!!

We have 2 families from our church, who will be heading to China in the next few weeks, to bring their daughters home.  I am SO excited for them!  One is a Beta Thal gal, like my Mengy, and the other has a mild form of dwarfism.  They are both beautiful!  And 2 other church friends in process from China, including my sister and her family......working hard to get Shazhou home quickly!!!

Brian is settled in at Hoyleton Ministry Residential Home.  He most recently got very upset with me over a conversation in which he told me I needed to come get him.  He began that all too familiar yelling and accusing, and immediately my stomach began to churn.  I do help this facility can help him control his rages, either through medication or through behavioral therapy.  Please keep praying for him.  We hope to visit him in the next few weeks, but only if his conversations are a little less aggressive.

We have been fun winding down our summer.  We went to the state fair, bought all of our school supplies, and have been taking Shunnishi souvenir shopping before he heads back to Japan in just a few days.  Meng had her surgery to replace her port.  There were some complications, and it was a little rough, but she is a trooper, and is recovering well!  Dale is really liking his new job.  It is SO nice to have him so close to home!  He is able to have lunch with us several days a week.

Well, to close, I want to do something I used to do, years ago, in my prayer journal.   Basically, list prayer requests and praises.   You don't have to read them if you don't want to, they are basically reminders for me....and a cool way to follow later and see how God has worked!  Blessings friends!

Praises:  Prov. App for the boys!  Travel so close for Browns and Powells, kids ready for school!, Mengs surgery is over, Daley has been so happy and healthy, a nurse that prays over Daley and truly loves her, Dale's new job, Patrick's new job, my kids sports involvement in their new school, friendly families are the kids' new school, my wonderful church family and friends, our new basketball court

Prayers: Celia Bethard family (she recently passed) , Preparation for our heart and our boys', Finances to complete the adoption and to afford private school for the teens, Patrick's heart and future, Brogan and Zachary - job opportunities closer to home,  David Joel, Anita, and Todd-battling cancer, Greg Scott-mother recently passed, Pierson's-need PA for Shazhou!

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