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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Well, my blog is now private.  We have officially filed an American with Disabilities Act lawsuit against Six Flags, on behalf of Rory.  Flip back to the 2012 Momma Bear post, if you don't know what this is all about.  We are the 4th suit to be filed against Six Flags for the same reason....discrimination against children and adults with hand/leg differences.  Well, our attorney warned us about the press, and boy was he right.  We have been completely roasted in the press.  People automatically assume the worst.  That I am a terrible mother, with too many kids, who is looking for free money.  This could not be further from the truth.  And to make matters worse, in the first Chicago Sun Times article, the reporter printed my private blog info as well as Rory's FB page info. keep from being ripped up on my very own private media spots, I have closed them.

Anyone who takes 5 minutes to research, with find out that ADA suits can ask for legal and filing fees only.  We can only ask for damages (which we would not) in a private suit.  An ADA suit is basically for policy change, and for equal treatment for people with disabilities.

I cannot even go online, to read the posts from readers.  They are SO mean.  SO hurtful.  I guess I am pretty naive, because I sure didn't expect so much hate.  I have to keep reminding myself that this is SO small compared to what Jesus endured.  But it is still pretty hard. the meantime, I am keeping very busy.  Putting the kids in school has been good, but OMGOSH, so much time is gone!  School til 3:30, then sports til 6, then homework til bedtime.  I miss them!  We literally went from spending ALL day together, to barely having any fun time together!  Hoping we get used to it, and that their days begin to run more smooth, so we have more time together.  They are really liking it, though!     And it is such a weird feeling only homeschooling 3!  Wow, it has been a while!

News on Wen and Wu.....our DS-260 has been filed, and we are waiting on Article 5 pick up.  And then Travel Approval.  We are being told we should travel by October 1, but most timelines I am looking at seem to be a little longer.  Regardless, we are READY!  I cannot wait to love on those boys!

Enjoy some new pics!

A GREAT new photo of my honeys!

Arent't these Ts adorable?  For Daley and the twins

Keagan's first football game.  He is number 10

Me and my dear friend Darcy, in a 5K we ran to benefit my nephew David, who is battling cancer

Shunnichi's last evening with us.  He made us a great Japanese dinner

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