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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Here we go!

China Bound!

 Yes we are!   Flights are booked, hotels are booked, and we are beyond excited (and incredibly nervous).  We are leaving on October 10, flying our to Chicago.  Flying in to HongKong, where we will stay over night, and take the train the next day to Guangzhou.  We will meet our boys on October 13!  All the paperwork takes place the next day, the consulate appointment is the 20th, and we will be back home on the 22nd.

My mind is many things to do, to get ready.  So many arrangements to make for the kids who will be staying home with big sister, Brogan, and my grandson Landon.  Everyday I think of something else I need to do or prepare.  But I am blessed that so many of my family and friends are pitching in to help out.  My biggest concern is leaving Daley for so long.  But, she is stable right now, and outside of having too many seizures, she is pretty predictable.

Lord, thank you!  Thank you that after praying for these boys for almost TWO YEARS, that we are so close to making them ours!  Thank you for providing the finances necessary, and the helpers who are pitching in as needed.  Please calm our nerves, help us think clearly, and bless and protect our flight, our trip, and our children, who will be waiting at home.  And please prepare our hearts to be parents again, and Wen and Wu's hearts, to become a permanent part of our family!  You are an awesome God!   Amen!  

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