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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Waiting (not so patiently) for TRAVEL APPROVAL!

China is getting closer and closer!   Yesterday we got notice that our Article 5 was picked up, and delivered to CCCWA.  Now we wait on Travel Approval, which generally takes 1-3 weeks.  Although 2 families have gotten theirs in less than a week recently!  The timing is bad, unfortunately.  All of China is closed for a holiday Oct 1-8.  And beginning Oct 15, there is a trade show in the province we are going, which will drive all of the hotel and restaurant prices UP.  But we don't even care at this point!  We will go to get the boys the minute we are able to!  Hoping to leave for China Oct 11, Gotcha day on Oct 13.  Prayers please!  

For anyone wanting to follow our journey to bring home Wen and Wu, we will probably be posting most information and photos on the boys FB page.  Just search for "Always Room for More".  I am trying my best to keep that site updated.

Everything else is good here!  Six Flags roast has finally died down somewhat.  Kids are doing well in school.  Dale is loving his new job.  Brian is doing well at Hoyleton.

Here are some new pics to enjoy!

The gang, visiting Brian!

Daley Faith, enjoying her new bed!

Keagan, Bailey (his honey-pie) and Timothy

Happy 14th Bday Bronwyn~

Britt and Brianna's volleyball team!

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