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Friday, November 25, 2011

Now that's a LOT of kids!

Hello! Well, do you remember the sibling group of FIVE I mentioned in my last post?!?! Well, they are here for a home visit, for the Thanksgiving weekend. It has been: Fun, Crazy, Hectic, Busy, but all in all a good time. We have been getting the know the kids, and they have had the chance to see how our family functions, to see if they would be happy in our home. They are: Brandon- the oldest, a very polite, helpful young man. Brittany- a Very pretty, but shy one. She seems most troubled by her family situation. Brianna- The spirited one! Always has a smile, always ready for a new adventure. Brian - The mystery. He has some issues, but I just cannot figure out what they are! He seems delayed cognitively, and seems to have some slight CP issues with his hands and sometimes his speech. He was TERRIFIED when we met him, literally scared to death. Now he is happy and content. He has food, which he loves, and friends. And Bria- The 2 year old, who outweighs my 6 year old, and wears the same size clothes! She has gone from being terrified of me, to calling me momma, in just a few short days.
Where do we go from here?!?!? I have no idea. I question whether I can stretch this far. But, I know God can stretch me beyond what I can imagine. We have applied for a family size exemption from the State of Illinois. Our caseworker says this is NO problem, she is sure we will get the exemption. Out atty is not as convinced. We should know sometime next week. God is in CONTROL. I keep telling myself that! LOL
IF we get a YES, from Illinois, then we have to decided whether to move forward with additional home visits, with the ultimate goal of adoption, or whether to advocate for them in a smaller family, or whether to help momma and grandma, to the point where these kids can stay home. I am not sure if the last is even an option.
Would you pray for us?! We need some wisdom and guidance!
Much love!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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