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Monday, November 28, 2011

An update and prayer request the kids. This Thanksgiving weekend was good, but also hard. It is emotionally draining to have that many kids in the house, trying to make sure they all get along, trying to keep some sort of balance. The girls all did great. The 2 oldest are wonderful, sweet ladies. They need some help in the hygiene dept., but that is something they can learn. The youngest, Bria, was terrified of Dale and I the first day or so. I truly do not think she has been around many white people! She wanted me to pat her back, and sing to her, but only if she could not see my face! Really! It was funny! But, by Sunday, she was following me everywhere, calling me momma. She is a chunky little gal, and needs a better diet, but again, things we can work on.
The boys were more of a challenge. We were told that Brian, the 10 year old has some mild cerebral palsy. Well, that wasn't quite right. Brian has some pretty significant cognitive delays. He is truly about at a 5 year old level. He talks to himself (and answers), in an eery voice, makes funny noises constantly, and has trouble understand things, and coordinating his motor skills. But worst of all, he was quite violent. Many times he punched Rory, and tried choking the younger kids. He made me very nervous. I truly do not think he has any idea he is doing anything other than playing. I do not know if this is something that he just needs disciplined for, and would then understand, or it this has been an on-going issue, that will continue.
Brandon. He was fantastic all weekend. Very polite, very helpful. Almost a too good to be real kind of thing. Our only issue with Brandon is the language he uses, and the things he has been exposed to. He has also had a lot of freedom, to basically go where he pleases and do what he wants. Not sure how easy it would be to bring some fairly strict structure into his life! LOL
So what do we do from here!?!?
UGH! I sure wish God would just whisper in my ear what is good, and which path we should follow! It would sure be easier!
I am just SO confused! I want to do everything I can for these kids, even if that means becoming their momma! But, do I do that at the cost of my own children's safety and security?!?!
Please Lord, show me your plan! Give me your peace!


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  3. Praying for you and your family that God will give you an answer. Blessings to you all for your willingness to take them in! You are such an inspiration to me! Prayers!!!!

  4. Thank you, Sharon! You have such an amazing heart for children! I am SO excited to see what God has planned for your future, and I am so thankful that you choose to follow His leading! HUGS!