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Friday, November 4, 2011

Updates on the McKinney Fam!

Hello! Sorry for the long stretch between posts. Busy as usual in my crazy household! I love my life, but finding extra breathing room is sometimes a challenge!!! LOL
Well, I have some catching up to do! Hmmm, let's start with BROGAN. Brogan is expecting my first GRANDCHILD!!!!! Landon Nelson New is due on Brogan's birthday, March 19!!! I am totally completely excited! But also feeling a wee bit old! I had the amazing privilege of visiting Brogan and Zach this summer in Germany, and it was amazing! Love it! Wonderful company, wonderful food, and awesome castles! Brogan and Zachary have made such a nice life for themselves. I am very proud of them. They are hoping to be back in the states by the time Landon is born, but we all know the army moves s-l-o-w-l-y. So please pray!!!
PATRICK! He began his first year at Olivet University this fall, and has made me quite proud! I miss him very much, but he has been able to make it home monthly. He is my guinea pig.....meaning the first of my homeschool students to go to college! It is not only a test of him, but me as well!!! So far, he is doing GREAT! Whew!!! :)
KEAGAN! Ah, my Keagan is really growing up! He is almost taller than me, and surely stronger! He just finished his first JFL season, and he loved it!!! He is improving in his school, and has been a great help on the farm, since Patrick is gone!!!
BRONWYN continues to be my diva! :) She had the opportunity of a lifetime this summer, and she got to spend it with big sissy in Germany! She loved it, and came home much more grown up than when she left.
TOBY - This is the year of the Toby! He has struggled with school since day one, and I have struggled to help him. This clicked! He is reading so well, blazing through school, and even works his homework days ahead, just for fun! His new passion is word searches! He's also a fanatic about cleaning. A good skill to have!
RORY & MENG are READING!!! I am so proud of them!!! We are already halfway through our kindergarten book, and will be in first grade by early spring. After having a few struggling learners in the past few years, it is a breath of fresh air to have these little peanuts blowing through their phonics! They spend most of every day playing with their puppy, Pipa, or their kittens, Mr. Mittens, Mr. Littens, Mr. Shockey, and Mr. Scaredy.
DALEY FAITH - Miss Deeny continues to thrive! She is so pretty, so sweet, and her laugh makes me smile even in the worst of moods! Her health is stable, and her fussiness is much improved. We have a nurse that helps with her, Tracy, and she is one of the best moves we have made! Tracy is an awesome lady, and we are so blessed to have found her! Daley LOVES her, and so do we!
And that leaves just Dale and I. God has been taking us through some stuff these past few months!!! We have read some AMAZING books lately, that have motivated us to do more and more for our Lord! We really, truly, felt the Lord calling us to the inner city. So.....we put our farm and home up for sale, to the utter disbelief of our friends and family, and we waited. We showed the house SOOOOO many times, and nothing. We were wrong about what we thought God was calling us to?!?! We reduced the price of our house, and still nothing. And then......we got a call. An call from our caseworker, Susan. She asked if we were interested in adopting again. We said "maybe". She said it was a sibling group. We said "maybe". She said a sibling group of 5. We said, "oh my". And then we started praying, and advocating for these kids. We still are. And we are going to meet them next week. And we are seriously thinking of bringing these family-less children home with us. Really! We are! And....we are excited about it! Maybe.....the Lord is bringing the inner city to us! There are lots of things to think about, lots of details that overwhelm me (like have 11 children in my home!), but we stil have this little peace in our hearts, that this could be JUST exactly what God is doing with us! We'll see!!!!
When I was younger, a friend teased me about being a Christian. "Your life is SO boring, with all those stupid rules. You cannot do anything fun". This life I lead as a Christian, has been the most absolute amazing adventure I could ever imagine! I have been more blessed, and had more privileges than I could ever imagine! Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving me this great adventure!
Blessings! :)


  1. I just love you guys. I literally can't remember a time when you weren't in my life, but am so blessed by all the people in your fam. <3

  2. Wow!~ I would say you do not lead a boring life! We, too, live a far more exciting life being followers of Jesus Christ! He does infinitely more than we could ever have hoped for! Will be praying for your decisions.

    Janet and Kevin
    Ted, Philip, Sophia, and Elijah