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Thursday, September 9, 2010

A catch up and a RANT!

Hey! I am back! I did not die, and I was not injured in some freak accident. I have just been so incredibly busy that I have had NO time to blog about anything! So, here is a quick catch up on the McKinneys, at Rainbow Family Farm! Ok, so Brogan and Zachary got married on December 10. An amazing wedding! Absolutely beautiful! I have never been so proud of Brogan, or any of my family, for that matter. Getting her to Germany to be with him was a different story. It took three months to get her there, and 6 months to get their stuff there! The Army is not in a hurry to do anything! But they are together, and enjoying life as newlyweds!

Just a few weeks before Brogan left, we had a major life change! We felt that all too familiar call, and accepted that call! God send us a new treasure, in the form of a baby, who is my true love, but also my greatest life challenge! My Daley Faith is now 10 months old. She is missing a huge portion of her brain. It is just not there! No one can explain if this is a birth defect, or damage from prenatal Meth exposure, or what. But it doesn't matter. She is blind, she has Cerebral Palsy, she functions at about a 2-3 month level and this may be as good as it gets. But I cannot tell you how close I feel to God when I hold her! I love this little peanut SO much! We all do. The kids fight over who gets to feed her, rock her, play with her. She has blessed us all SO much! But it has made things just a little crazier than usual...........

MengYan is still being transfused every three weeks. Toby has had several sickle crisis', mostly due to me letting him swim!!! And little Daley has OT, PT, ST, and VDT weekly. Oh, and Rory is back in OT. Whew! Wears me out, BUT, I love my life, and I love my kids! In fact, Dale and I are praying about #9. She's a beauty, just don't know for sure if she is intended for us, or we are just to advocate for her. Hmmmm, we'll see!

Farm life is good, although we did downsize this year. Many of you may have noticed that we disabled our website. When Daley came along, my spare time disappeared. I sold my beloved dairy goats (no time to milk), but quickly realized how stupid that was. I miss them dearly. Hope to get few back! We had our first calf, and now have 6 cows. Our sheep flock is thriving, and the chickens (the ones that survived the fox) are still laying like crazy. I am hoping to be back into the swing of farm production by next spring, depending on how Dbaby is doing.

We just started our 12 year of homeschooling. Patrick is a senior, and will graduate in January. Keagan and Brownyn are in 5th, Toby in 2nd/3rd, and Rory and MengYan are doing preK. And Daley just sits and watches us all, wondering why God sent her such a crazy family!!!

Which brings me to my RANT. School. I know homeschool is not for everyone. I truly know that. But, I cannot simply believe that people have the nerve to question me about our choice! I cannot believe someone would say to me, "I don't know how you do it". I think in some way that is supposed to be a compliment???!!! But I don't take it as one. So here is my answer, cause, I know I will never have the guts to say it to someone. "What?????? You don't know how I do it??? How the heck do you do what you do?? How the heck can you, as a Christian, put your child in a government (Caesar) run institution that is completely void of God in every way. An institution where kids are taught that their silly parents are wrong about how our world started. Wrong about why family values are important. They are taught that their self esteem is far more important than loving and serving one another. They are taught SO many things that are against God's word. And to top it all off, they are bullied, they are encouraged to have any kind of sex that they want, they are exposed to drugs and alcohol, profanity, and pornography. I could go on. So I am accused of sheltering my kids. OF COURSE I AM SHELTERING MY KIDS. That is my job!!!! Until my kids are old enough and educated enough to make wise decisions, it is my job to shelter them from garbage!!!!! What animal in this world gives birth to her young, and then sends them off to the jungle to fend for themselves??!!! And one more thing. PreK. What A joke! It is simply an opportunity for the government to brain wash our kids at an earlier age. The more often someone hears a lie (like evolution), the more likely they are to believe it. Tonight I questioned why a mom would send her child to preK, since she cries and begs to stay with her momma. A woman I do not know came to this momma's defense, saying it is OK if they get upset. Her son Colt, is seeing a social worker, to help him with his separation issues. HE IS FOUR YEARS OLD! This poor little guy just needs his momma! Can't these mothers see!!!!!! They are giving away their most precious gifts!!! My dear friend JW recently told me that he regrets his public school choice for his kids. They are both drinking, one an alcoholic, and both sexually active at a very young age. These are Christian kids, who came from two strong Christian parents. When we asked him what he thinks happened, he simply said, the school system. I am not saying that these kids cannot turn around, but why do they have to go through all of this in the first place?!!! They don't. People, there is a better way~~~
Oh, and one last rant. Socialization......hmmmm. Would I rather have my kids be able to carry on an intelligent conversation with an adult, even shaking hands upon meeting them, or would I rather have my child know how to send 15 texts in 2 minutes.
That's a no-brainer.

Ok, I am done. I apologize for this rant, but it has been brewing for a long time! I feel better! Seriously, if any of you reading are concerned about your children's education, PRAY about it! God will lead you in the right decisions. Please do not get caught up in that whole "My child is a light in the world" thing. Find me one instance in the Bible where God used a young, immature child to reach the world. It didn't happen. Your kids aren't ready for that. It is easier to get pulled down off the mountain, than to pull someone up. Try it. God wants the best for your children even more than you do. HE will help you, with whatever education decision you make. But you have to include Him!

God bless you, my peeps. I will not wait 11 months to post again. Even though some of you hope I do! LOL

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  1. Oh, how I adore this rant. I found your blog!!! Success! :)

    So nice to find a ranter like me...

    And thanks again for your hospitality.