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Friday, September 17, 2010

A Special Visit!!!

When a child lives in an orphanage, they miss out on that parent/child bonding. Even the best orphanages, with the best nannys just cannot provide all that a parent can. And when the child's spirit figures out that they are missing that huge part of their life, they can become quite attached to other things, or to their roomies. This is what happened to my sweet Emily MengYan, and her best-est friend NuiNui, AKA Margaret, AKA Anna Claire! They shared a room and a bed for almost 2 years in China. They did everything together. I have very few photos of Meng that don't include Nui Nui. I am told they were inseparable. When we brought Meng home last September, the nannys told us that Nui was devastated. We actually tried to adopt them both, but the CCAA would not approve it. We planned to turn right back around again, and bring Nui home. But God had a different plan! He sent her a family! Shawn and Anna brought Nui home to N. Carolina last December. What a blessing!!! Since then, it has been so fun to sit back and watch these girls continue their relationship. They call each other frequently, and we actually got to spend several days together last May. It was precious! Last week, Nui's family were in St. Louis, which is not far from us. We spent the day with them again, and the girls had a blast! I thank God every day that the one thing they both loved about China (each other), they can still love! I truly believe God knows they need each other, and has made it possible for them to see and talk to each other often. God gave them the desires of their hearts (a family), but also kept their friendship alive. Thank you, Lord! You are an awesome God! :) Enjoy these photos of the girls!

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