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Friday, September 10, 2010

Poor George.....

Well, when doing barn chores this morning I found that little George, one of my Alpine bucklings, was missing. I have spent a large part of the day searching for him, or at least for some sign of him. Nothing. Dale is sure our neighborhood fox or coyote have feasted on him. That stinks. That is the part of farm-life that I hate. I totally know that all wild critters have to eat, but why do they always have to get my favorite critters??? I have found that the ones I don't name, and don't get attached to stay around forever. But once they have a name, they become a target. Poor George. He was an ugly little guy, but I liked him.

On a lighter note, today was a good day! For the first time EVER, Daley was great for a babysitter! Miss Rachel came over and watched Daley for about 5 hours, while the kids and I ran errands and went to a 4H meeting. For those of you who do not know Daley, she does NOT like many people. But Rachel said she did great, and cried very little! This is huge progress! Thanks Rachel, for loving on my girl, and for making me feel good about her behavior!

Celebrating Bronwyn's bday tomorrow. She will not be 10 until Monday, but her girlies are coming over tomorrow. She is such a smart, beautiful girl, and I am blessed by her. She is gonna do great things, and I get to stand back and watch her. Love you Bronwyn Shea Justice Unique Eunice Allison Baker McKinney! :)

Good night, have a blessed weekend!

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