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Sunday, September 19, 2010

New goats and My Daley

Well, do you remember a few posts back when I mentioned how sad I was that I sold my dairy goats? Well, I am not so sad anymore. I bought some new ones! I bought 2 Nubian does, one a heavy milker and one a yearling, and I also bought a Kinder buckling. And the best part is they are just as sweet and loving as my girls were. And another best part is that I can switch Daley right from her formula, to goat's milk, instead of grocery store cow milk (gag). I am happy!!! :) Will post photos soon, computer won't let me right now!

Speaking of my Daley, we got an official diagnosis on her yesterday, from Dr.Morgan in Peoria. Here is goes...... Cerebral Palsy - mixed quadriplegia, severe and profound global cognitive impairment/mental retardation, visual impairment and severe neurological irritability. She laughed as I read it to her! Really, she did! This should probably all freak me out, but it doesn't. Not even a little bit. This is one man's guess. Regardless of my baby girl's future, I love her, I will do everything in my power for her, and I thank God for her every day. She has grown my family in strength and love. She has made us so much better. And God has used Nancy, and Chris in my life, to prepare my heart for her. It is crazy, sometimes we don't even Realize that something we think is just an experience in life, is actually preparation for something God has planned!

Have a blessed day! And if you want to come love on my Daley, or my new goatie girls, come on over! LOL

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