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Thursday, April 10, 2014

And so the devil attacks.....

Well, I am sure we have ticked off Satan, since we are claiming 2 more orphans, and planning on sharing Christ with them the moment they are able to understand!  But I could use my prayer warrior friends to support us this week.  It has been rough.

Sunday afternoon, we decided to go for a bike ride, as a family.  Dale asked Brian and Meng to scoot back, so I could get my bike out of the garage, and Brian flew into a rage and attempted to punch Dale.  Completely unprovoked, very aggressive.  Very scary.  He was sent to his room, and amazingly, he went without arguing.  Later that evening I asked him to please sit down, while he ate his pizza.  He flew into another rage, screaming about how I am so mean, and I have to stop hitting him.  Dale and I made the decision to start him on the medication that his doc ordered him, if his behaviors were erratic.   At bedtime, I handed him his meds, and he began screaming about how I was poisoning him, trying to kill him.  Sweet Brittany, tried to reassure him that his meds were OK, and they were to help him focus and control his emotions.  Well, that enraged him even more, and the next thing I knew, he punched me in the chest.  Hard.  Britt dove between us, like she has done before, and he began to punch her and punch her.  Dale jumped between them, and then it just sorta went crazy.  Dale was trying his best to restrain Brian, but when Brian rages, his strength is enormous.  After a few minutes of watching Brian punch, scratch and attempt to bite Dale, I called 911.  I have never done this in my life.

By the time the police came, Brian and Britt were in the kitchen, and Brian had calmed, but still looked crazy and frightening.  One officer kept Brian in the kitchen while the other interviewed me in the living room.  At one point, the office chuckled, and Brian began raging again, screaming that we were making fun of him.  He threw some papers at Dale, and then literally lifted the end of the dining room table and attempted to throw it at Dale.  It took both officers to get him to the ground and handcuff him.  It was awful.

He was taken to St. Marys, and admitted to the mental health floor.  After a day, the called to tell me he had excellent behavior there, and they were sending him home.  I was not ready for him to come home yet!!!  My family is a mess from all of this.  Thankfully, his doc had him admitted to Lincoln Prairie in Springfield, and he is still there.  They are evaluating him, and they suspect he may have a diagnosis of schizophrenia.  DREAD.

So, what do I do with all of this.  Part of me thinks I have no business adopting more children, with this new crisis.  The other part of me, says that Brian needs help, and we are getting it for him.  We have truly tried everything we can think of for him, but his rages continue to get worse.

We now have a team working with us.  Therapists for him, family therapists for us, and an adoption preservation worker, who will help us decide when it is safe to bring him back home.

It is a very sad situation.  I know that the Bible is FULL of Jesus healing people with mental illnesses and possession issues.  I think we need to pray for Brian as hard, or harder than we have prayed for the twins.  He is a child of God, and needs his family.  And we would like him home with us.  Sigh

Thanks for listening.  Prayers appreciated.

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