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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Yes, it's real!

Ok, I have had almost a week now, to finally get it into my peanut brain, that YES, I am really gonna be a momma again! Actually, I already am, I just don't have my boys home yet.  They are sitting, waiting, in a very poor orphanage, half-way across the world!

MD is the woman from IL, who controlled whether or not we received IL endorsement for this adoption.  We could not adopt without it.  MD, from what I am told by many, is anti-Christian, anti-homeschooling, and especially anti-large family.  MD told our social worker originally that she could not approve us.  She said many negative things about our family, and about large families in general.  She requested additional information from us many times, which we thought was odd if she was planning to deny us anyway.  What she did not know was that we were not planning on going away.  We had some state legislatures and a few attorneys who were willing to help us battle a denial, if we were to receive one.  And we had the most amazing social worker, who listed to God, and let Him speak through her.   God moved Mary's heart!  He changed her mind.  I know it was Him, because HE answers prayers, and He grants us the desires of our hearts.  And, because He wants no child to be alone and without the love of a family.  And, because we didn't have to get anyone else involved, He gets all of the glory for this decision!!!  Praise God!   Halelujuah!!!!!

I am SO proud of my family.  Ever since our home study was submitted to IL, we have declared every Monday "Wen and Wu" day.   Each Monday, for the past 8 weeks, several of us have fasted the entire day.  Several have fasted half the day.  And we have all dedicated the day to praying for them every single hour of the day.  Brianna used her iPod alarm, to remind us each hour, so we didn't get so caught up in school, that we missed.  And the boys have been the first and last thing we have prayed for every single day since we began this process.  Truthfully, we have been praying for the boys since the moment we saw their photo, over a year ago!  Our family has grown so much closer, and have prayed so much, it has been AWESOME!

So, the plan now is to wait some more!  LOL  On Friday, we submitted our paperwork to USCIS, to apply for immigration for the boys.  After that approval, our dossier goes to China.  I am getting conflicting info on how long all of this will take, but I do think we should travel by fall.  Not soon enough!  LOL

Thank you, dear prayer warriors!  Know that God heard and answered all of our prayers!  Know that God cares for the orphan!  Know that God's plans are perfect!  And learn from me, not to worry and stress, cause let me tell you, I have been, and have gained NOTHING from it!  Trusting is the key here!  God is good, all the time!

Cecil Le Wen and Ervin Le Wu, mommy loves you!!!

I cannot figure out how to flip this photo around, but this is the "official" letter.

It is VERY hard to see my boys in this photo, but if you look at the photo on the LEFT, Wen is the little guy in the front middle, in the orange shirt, and Wu is in the back left, with the red shirt on.
And just for fun, this is the first photo I ever saw of them!  Love at first sight!  

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