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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Resurrection Day!

Our God lives!   I love Easter, although it is hard for me.  Dale always wants to watch Passion of the Christ, and although I LOVE the message, I hate the beating and the crucifixion.  It is SO hard for me to think about Jesus enduring this punishment that He didn't deserve, but I did.  I cannot stand the thought of anyone getting hurt.  And dying.  But He did this, for me, for you, for all of us!  Whew!

It has been a good week.  Brian came home on Tuesday.  He is doing well.  We changed his meds around, changed many of the things we do at home to accommodate for him, and we are getting lots of help.  Tomorrow he has an eval at Heritage Mental Health Center.  Tues we go back to visit his psychiatrist, and Wednesday we meet with our family therapist for the first time.  So far, he has had no rages or arguing.  He had a very unpleasant time at the hospital, and was picked on a lot.  He does not want to go back there.  And we are hoping that alone will be enough to curb his rages.  I talked at length with a friend who is having similar issues with her son, who has been home 3 years now.  As much as I love adoption, there is this side of it.  The ugly side, where it doesn't work out so well.  But, I know our God is the almighty Healer and the God of Restoration, and I am praying for both in both of our situations.  I know God does not want either of these boys to be alone, without the love and support of a family.

We got new pics and an update on the twins!  They look great!  And it sounds like they are doing very well!  We go for our fingerprinting appt on the 29th, so things are moving along quickly.  We have to have our dossier in China by June 10, but I think we should make it with no problem.  There is this pretty cool timeline going on with our adoptive families right now~!   Stines are traveling in April, Laws are traveling in May, Powells should travel by June, Browns should travel by July, and we should be traveling by Aug!  This means for the next few months, we will welcome a child home each month!  This is awesome!  Praising God!

The other kids are doing great!  Bronwyn is excelling at gymnastics!  There is a flip she has been trying to master for months, and she has GOT IT!  Britt joined the praise band, Toby is finally over his sickle cell issues.  Meng and Rory are LOVING exploring the neighborhood on their bikes.  Brianna is learning to play our new piano.  Brian is thrilled to be home and back to school.  And Keagan is figuring out his way though the bike trail, and spending a lot of time with Timmy, who is staying with us through the remainder of the school year.  Patrick graduates on June 14, and will be saying goodbye to Kmart, which I think he will enjoy!  LOL

And Daley.  I know this is a long blog already, but I gotta share this.  On the night that Brian went nuts on us, I was home in bed alone.  I began to shake, and my heart began racing.  I felt like my heart was going to explode in my chest.  I have never felt this way before, but looking back, I think I was having some sort of an anxiety or stress attack.  I began to pray for God to end this horrible feeling, and then Daley began to cry in her bed.  I was angry.  I thought, "Really, God?  I cannot take care of myself right now, and now I have to take care of Daley?"  I got up and brought her to bed with me.  And the very minute we laid down, she snuggled up to me, closer than she ever has before.  She nestled her head into my chest, and immediately my anxiety stopped.  Gone!  Over!  Wow!  And then I Cried.  All of the countless nights I have cared for her, through seizures, through ear aches, through muscle pain, were worth every minute, for that one night she cared for me.  She is SO special to me!  My life will never be the same because of that little princess!

Blessings my friends!

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  1. Thanks for being real and sharing your heart. Your testimony speaks volumes!!