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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Peace and Hope

Well, it is Sunday morning, and I would LOVE to be in Kidville at church right now, but instead, I sit waiting for the AAA guy to come unlock my van (the keys are inside).  Everyone else piled into Dale and Patrick's cars, so Daley and I are just sitting here alone, watching her favorite, ELMO!

It has been a good week.  Things have calmed down.  Dale and I had a good visit and phone call with Brian yesterday.  We know there are things he has to do differently and there are things we have to do differently.  We are trying everything we can, and hanging onto the HOPE that God will work out the things we have no clue about.  

We mailed off our USCIS paperwork last Friday, and received notice that it was received from the lockbox on Thursday.  Praying for a speedy fingerprint appt, and a quick pre approval!  We have also requested updates and photos of the twins!  That would be awesome!

Otherwise, things are clicking along.  We have just about 6 weeks of school left, and also 6 weeks until we all take a much needed vacation!  Dale is still working too much, and working too hard, but he has had an opportunity for a new position come up.  There is a local doc who is needed a PA in his neuro-surgery practice.  Praying God puts Dale exactly where he wants him!  But it is sure nice to have options!

Well, good news, the AAA guy just got here, and the keys are in my hand!  God is good, the man was nice, and this was easier than expected!

Love you all, have a blessed week!

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